Kick Drum Heart  —  The Avett Brothers


Kick Drum Heart // The Avett Brothers

It’s not the chase that I love
It’s me following you

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really tho the fictional character that’s been treated the worst by its writers is Scrat


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You were my new dream. And you were mine.

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totally legit 100% awesome teen wolf themed pickup lines


  • hey gur are u a kanima ‘cause seein u paralyzes me 
  • hey baby hope u aren’t a werewolf ‘cause damn i’d let u bite 
  • are u a banshee ‘cause i wanna hear u scream
  • hey babe is ur name scott ‘cause i’d love for u to mccall me later
  • hey u must be a hunter ‘cause when i saw u it was like an arrow shot thru my heart
  • hey sweet thang u must be a trickster ‘cause all I’m seein is a fox
  • hey lil mama u must be a banshee ‘cause all I wanna do is whisper in ya ear (about possible deaths in the near future)
  • hey there are u into werewolves ‘cause ur makin me howl
  • hey girl is there an alpha around ‘cause u makin me lose control
  • hey girl, are you the darach because you’d have to sacrifice twelve lives to look that good
  • u must be a nogitsune ‘cause ur causin’ some serious chaos in my pants
  • hey girl, is ur last name hale, ‘cause that bod is on fire
  • just call me derek hale ‘cause i wanna follow you around and watch you from afar
  • u can be the other half of my dead body
  • u can call me kanima if i can call u master
  • hey babe are u the nemeton ‘cause all im feelin’ is drawn to you
  • wanna roleplay? ill be a hunter in training, and you can tie me up and see how long it takes until release.
  • Im gonna rip ur throat out with my teeth
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tv show. white man. hes sad. he has to do important thing but its hard. his girlfriend died probably. TWSIT!! theres another white man. maybe MORE. hes sad too but for different reason. its very deep probably. theyre best friends but not gay but maybe they are haha fandom!!! every girl dies or goes away. just not gay white man friend. 10 seasons 100 million viewers. what will moody white men do this week.


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How to open a beer with a banana

well its open

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Young & Hungry || You know what you need right now?

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what the fuck is selena even doing with bieber anymore?

oh that’s right. ruining her life.

that’s all he’s gonna do is ruin her life. he’s a piece of shit and a terrible influence and someone needs to get that into selena’s head. she’s gonna end up losing every friend she has because of him, her life is gonna go down the drain.

he’s gonna do nothing but ruin everything for her.

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